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Stan Havlick is the first person to bicycle across 6 continents. Remarkably, Stan completed a 14-year quest to cycle nearly 20,000 miles coast-to-coast across all of earth’s six bike-able continents. Three years later, Stan cycled around the perimeter of Iceland. These arduous and physically demanding expeditions were a benefit for the Colorado Cancer Foundation.

Stan’s other passion is climbing. He is a ski instructor, triathlete and mountaineer. He has climbed in the Himalaya, Karakorum, on Denali in Alaska, the Matterhorn in Switzerland, Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, Mount Stanley in Uganda’s Rwenzori Range, Mount Elbrus in Russia, Aconcagua in Argentina, and all 54 of Colorado’s 14,000-foot peaks, the fabled Fourteeners.

Join us as Stan shares his tales and photos of his extraordinary adventures and unique cultural experiences. His inspirational and entertaining shows thrill audiences young and old. Stan will also devote a portion of the program to answering questions you may have about the wonderful world of travel.
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Current Presentations by Stan Havlick

  1. Wonders of the Open Road -
    Six Transcontinental Bicycle Expeditions plus Antarctica
    » Earth View map
    » North America map
    » Australia map
    » Asia map
    » South America map
    » Africa map
    » Europe map
    » Antarctica map
  2. The Wonders of Denali and Aconcagua - North and South America’s highest peaks
  3. Remote, High and Wild - A trekking and climbing expedition in the Karakorum
  4. Northern Exposure - Norway, beyond the Arctic Circle
  5. Yellowstone in Winter - A Trilogy
  6. Experience Pura Vita - The Osa of Costa Rica
  7. Explore the Arctic of Northern Alaska
  8. Explore Ireland - The Emerald Jewel
  9. Viva Cuba! - A Cultural Adventure
  10. Iceland’s Open Road - Bicycling around the perimeter of Iceland
  11. Ends of the Earth - On Seven Continents
  12. Escape the Ordinary - The Yukon of the Arctic
  13. Monks to Monkeys - Savor Japan
  14. Canoe the Sheenjek in Alaska's Arctic National Wildlife Refuge
  15. Galapagos - The islands that changed the world
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